One of the most popular tiger reserves in India is Ranthambore National Park. The sheer beauty, grace and majesty of the untouched nature of the Ranthambore forest are enough to lure animal lovers to this place. The mystical attributes of this national reserve park can readily be discovered through the Jungle safari provided by the forest authority. Numerous wildlife species can be found in the Ranthambore national park, which is primarily governed by nature. The only way to travel far into the jungle and have a chance to see a tiger is on a safari tour. Due to the park's captivating nature, which includes several small hills, water holes, lush deciduous trees, unusual lakes, and the remnants of historic monuments,A lifetime memory can be made while touring the park. You will have a sense of adventure with the feeling of expected sightings or encounters with wild predators like tigers, leopards, wild boars, etc. thanks to the wildlife, which includes hundreds of bird species and wild mammals and reptiles.

Online reservations for the safari in the Ranthambore National Forest can be made with us up to 90 days in advance. By paying the necessary costs on our website, one can reserve a safari online. These expenses include the entry price, the Jeep or canter fee, the naturists/guide fee, and the cost of lodging. The accommodation is not required, however the entry charge, jeep or canter price, and guide fee are. Within the Ranthambore National Park, there is no accommodation of any kind. But outside the park, just on its edge, there are lots of low-cost hotels, opulent hotels, and exotic resorts to choose from.You can spend the night there and do the safari tour in the morning or late in the day. The safari service is offered in two shifts: a morning shift and an afternoon shift. Every year, from October to June, the general public is welcome to take a safari tour. Only one shift lasts three and a half hours, and entry and leave times are fixed although subject to seasonal fluctuations.

For the safari, two different types of vehicles are available: a jeep with six seats and a canter with 20 seats. 20 Jeeps and 20 Canters are permitted per shift, and both vehicles have been particularly adapted to be open from the top and sides for the optimal viewing experience. For the safari tour, the forest department is responsible for all of these vehicles. The guides or trackers are also certified naturalists who are members of the surrounding communities who have deep ties to the jungle and extensive knowledge of the park's wild animals' habits. Due to the surge in wildlife tourists in Ranthambore.Booking a safari, especially a jeep safari, in advance before visiting Ranthambore is therefore strongly encouraged. Some requirements must be completed at the entry gate to the park, such as filling out the papers with tourist and naturalist information, etc.

How to Book Ranthambore Safari:

The forest department of the Rajasthani government oversees and manages reservations for the Ranthambore National Park jungle safari. The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve offers both online and offline booking options. Both online and offline reservations can be made through the Ranthambore Forest Department's website or at the Ranthambore National Park's headquarters in Sawai Madhopur. Currently, 20 Jeeps and 20 Canters, each with six seats, are permitted to participate in the safari in one shift.

Two shifts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, are available for the safari. To enter the park, you must have a guide or naturist. You will therefore get the access permit following the complete and upfront payment of all payments, including the admission charge, vehicle fee, and guide fee. The reservation is made based on availability and is made on a first-come, first-served basis. The safari zone is randomly assigned by the forest officials and is assigned on the spot.

After a confirmed booking, the costs are not refundable under any circumstances.