The Ranthambore National Park is a well-known tiger reserve in India and is frequented by millions of nature lovers from around the globe. The Ranthambore wildlife safari is a fantastic way to discover the forest that is home to a variety of wild predators, including leopards and regal Bengal tigers. Following their trails in search of a tiger and then unexpectedly spotting one just a few feet away is enough to make your blood run cold and quicken your heartbeat.

Using two different safari vehicles, a Jeep and a Canter, the Ranthambore park management offers safari service in two shifts: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In one shift, 20 Jeeps and 20 Canters are permitted entry into the park. The Canter is a 20-seat bus that is open on all sides, and the Jeep is a 6-seater car with doors that open on all sides. For the finest wildlife viewing, safari trucks are completely open on all sides. To ensure that the tourist flow is distributed fairly across the forest, the national park is divided into ten eco-tourism zones.

Each vehicle is given a specific safari zone, and once a vehicle enters the jungle, it cannot change zones and may only go along the fixed safari trails. To track the tiger or just to explore the area, there is a decent network of safari tracks in each zone. At the time of entry into the park, the forest officials assign each vehicle a random zone. Normally, once a tourism zone has been allocated, it cannot be modified. Your zone can be altered upon special request and for an additional cost of about 1000 INR, but the decision to do so rests completely with the park staff.

  1. Zone will be permitted depending on availability.
  2. Zones 1 to 6 and Zones 7 to 10 are available to visitors.
  3. If you choose a safari for Zones 1 to 6, your safari will take place in any one of those Zones, just like if you choose a safari for Zones 7 to 10.
  4. In the event that your safari is not scheduled owing to a technical issue or a seat not being available, we will credit your supplied bank account with the full price. Accordingly, the same would be communicated.